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Fall 2022 USEA Event & FEI

We are excited to be welcoming Competitors to Spokane Sport Horse Farm’s 8th Fall USEA Recognized HT and 2nd FEI Event!


We are excited to welcome you to the Spokane Sport Horse Farm Fall Horse Trials!

In consultation our veterinarian team and following FEI/USEF rules, we will be following extra protocols to keep your horses safe during the Event We appreciate everyone helping to keep our horses in a safe environment.

EHV-1 Requirements for Entry to Grounds:

• Vaccination Record: All horses must have their vaccine records submitted to the show office and with them to enter show grounds. PER USEF GR845 horses must have been vaccinated for Equine Influenza Virus and Equine Herpes Virus within 6 months of entering show grounds! USEF Vaccine Record Form  – Submit your Vaccinations Here

• Temperature Checks/Log: Temperatures must be taken twice daily, 3 days before travel. Each stall will have a temperature log that will need to be completed twice a day. Any horse with a temperature of 101.5 F or higher should be immediately reported to the show office and will be quarantined away from other horses. Any horse’s temperature not recorded, rider will be given one warning and then asked to leave the property.


Dressage and Jumping Schooling Rounds are being offered on Thursday. Sign up today to get your chance to practice.


Stabling will open Wednesday at 12 noon. If you need to arrange an early arrival please email


If your packet is complete it will be left in your stall on Wednesday evening, if you need to make a change or have an incomplete packet you will need to visit the normal show office through the covered arena. 


Get the all the Event information at this Fast Facts link:

Volunteers Needed!

We are still in need of Volunteers! Now that the times are out please volunteer when you can. Our shows can not happen without the great support of volunteers!​

Scratches or Requested Changes:

Please send all changes and scratches in writing to

Facility Notes

There will be a finalized schedule posted soon. If you are an FEI competitor please begin your temperature monitoring. FEI horses must log into the FEI site and report temperatures 2x daily. 

Traditional three-day educational lectures/events will be held on Thursday. All are encouraged to attend. Schooling steeplechase will be available to three-day registered horses on Thursday. 

When parking be aware of others: park close, stay out of fire lanes and listen to volunteers/ management. Please no smoking or open fires on facility grounds. This facility operates off of a single well- do not bathe horses using a hose; only sponge horses down. Tap water is clean for drinking purposes. If your horses are located in permanent stabling please strip your stalls. Keep dogs on lease AT ALL TIMES.

Link to Signup and Omnibus:

Link to StartBox Scoring, Entry Status & Stabling:

Divisions hosted: FEH-2,FEH-3,FEH-4,FEH-YEAR,Starter,YEH-4,YEH-5,BN,BN3D,N,N3D,T,T3D,M,P,I,AI,CT-A,CCI1-S,CCI2-S,CCI3-S