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Refunds Announcement: 2022 USEA Fall Event 10/21/22

Good news for many of you! The waitlist for entries means many of you get a substantial refund. I got the extensive list from Christina yesterday and have begun issuing substantial refunds by mail. Please give it about 10 days (until 11/01/22) before reaching out if you have not received yours.

Through a glitch in the system dinner tickets were still made available on the USEA Xentry form. They were not listed in the omnibus but some of you purchased them via Xentry. With SSHF’s new water complex and feature under construction would those of you with smaller refunds (from tickets, etc) consider ‘donating’ your refund to the development of the new water complex? Many refunds are $50 or less. Major renovations and facility improvements are in process such as the water complex, a public facility wide WiFi network, and smoother footing on the tracks with additional grading, leveling, added dirt and seeding. Elevated and improved portable stall pads will help prevent flooding in inclement weather.

If you might consider this please contact me at or pm us on Facebook. I’ll tell you your expected refund, confirm your address and you can tell me what amount if any you wish to donate toward improvements. No need to respond if you would like you refund of any amount in full. All refunds not spoken for will be issued by the first week of November. Thanks for considering and wishing all a great off season here in the Pacific Northwest! 

Christel and Cyra at Spokane Sport Horse Farm LLC