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SSHF BioSecurity Policies in force


Because of the resurgence of HEV, rhino pneumonitis  in horses across the USA and what a disastrous effect a potential outbreak would have upon future  SSHF events I’m asking clinic attendees, day haul in and schooling show folks to adhere to an advanced bio security process. If you take your boarded  horse off the premises please follow precautions yourself when away and upon your return.

It is already a requirement for recognized shows that your horse be vaccinated within 6 months for influenza and that you have ability to prove that (passport, note from vet, vet bill works if animal named etc) . I’m asking that all individual horses that arrive on our grounds for any reason be vaccinated. If for some reason you are unable or unwilling to vaccinate you must contact your organizer and SSHF prior to arrival. 

I’m asking everyone to take daily temperatures on their horse for a minimum of three days prior to arrival. While on grounds many shows are requiring twice daily temps logged on their stall door but I will trust you to monitor at least once a day and record in your phone or?  Please keep that data in case we need to contact trace. Veterinary Standard would be no symptoms and a normal daily temp for two weeks before coming on to the grounds. It’s an excellent idea to know your own horses baseline temperature. 

Keep horses from touching noses, don’t borrow equipment, don’t enter my personal barns, don’t dunk the hose end in your bucket,  all pretty standard bio security practices. 

I would like the opportunity for all to attend functions this year. I look forward to hosting these functions in as controlled a manner as possible to protect you and your horse’s health.

We do clean stabling well between uses- helped by all of you deep cleaning or stripping your stall. We further clean and apply disinfectant to surfaces.